Revolutionizing the treatment of onychomycosis: Diagnostics with optical-coherence-tomography (OCT) and therapy with Pinpointe-footlaser as well as a antimycotic cream

Messer G, Nguyen M, Kollmann-Hemmerich M, Deusch K.

Diagnosis and therapy of toenail fungus is usually based on diagnosis by sight and external therapy measures using antifungal solutions, cream or nail polish. Despite this, onychomycosis is very often not successfully treated and onycholysis, onychodystrophy and secondary complications like infections and erysipelas can occur. As final consequence internal therapy regimens with mid- to long-term systemic antifungals are necessary. Today, for rapid diagnosis a novel method by optical coherence tomography (OCT) and a new therapy regimen applying the pinpointe footlaser with infrared emission (1064 nm) can be seen as a revolutionary step. The authors have treated more than 300 patients successfully and offer here their optimized therapy regimen using the pinpointe footlaser for total cure of severe cases with onychomycosis. No adverse effects have been observed. For fast recovery, a long term external application of antifungal cream – every other day – is recommended to protect the compromised nails from re-infection. The monitoring by use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) is highly advantageous to observe and prevent from minimal disease.(2012)

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